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Ran For You by Laura Lang

Laura Lang’s latest EP, “Bad Luck,” is a remarkable showcase of her musical and lyrical talent. Lang’s sophomore effort diverges from her debut, with a harder-hitting indie rock sound that perfectly complements the themes she explores in her songwriting. With a gift for introspection and self-awareness, Lang captures the tumultuous journey of a coming-of-age love story, from the elation of new beginnings to the harsh realities of heartbreak.

This song, Ran For You, has a moody and subtle atmosphere, reminiscent of slow grunge-influenced pop tunes. Lang’s delicate vocals are accompanied by a guitar riff that sets the tone for the song’s contemplative mood. The instrumentation builds gradually throughout the song, creating a sense of tension and intensity that perfectly complements Lang’s evocative lyrics. “Ran For You” is a standout track that showcases Lang’s ability to create a powerful and emotionally charged sound that draws the listener in and keeps them captivated until the very end.

Lang’s openness about her struggles with Borderline Personality Disorder adds a layer of vulnerability to the EP, making it even more compelling. The production by Calvin Lauber and production duo Collin Pastore and Jake Finch expertly balances Lang’s tender vocals with boiling guitar fills and swelling production, creating a soundscape that reflects the confusion and isolation Lang often experiences.

At just 17 years old, Lang’s musical talent is impressive, and her gift for storytelling and emotional depth are beyond her years. It’s no wonder she’s already making waves in the industry with her poignant debut EP “All Downhill From There” and her sophomore effort “Bad Luck.” With her boundless creative energy and determination, Lang is a rising star to keep an eye on.