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Lauded Toronto artist, Dani Nash has been a staple in this Canadian music scene for year now. Her rich talent as a drummer, guitarist and poeticlly poignant vocalist has made her much desirable over the years.

This new track explores the discomfort with being a bit too close for comfort. I love the visual I get in these lyrics…

I try to be dandy, I work at the cool bars and all that I wear is a hand me down.

When they talk about me I want them to say something like she’s the sweetest little lady around…

The tune is playful and well developed. I think the warm fuzz in the guitar tone is just delightful. There is a heady approach to the guitar work that really ties the instrumentation together. Mixed eloquently with this lush chorus break down and pop infused melodic appeal, and you have a fantastic indie romp that will truly get stuck in your mind.